Tuesday, January 17, 2012


February (3rd - 7pm) at Somos Media & Gallery. If you have an old school custom bike or ride, roll it out.. Visual Artists: Flip Edu Cerro Erin Honest Curt Baer Nick Vargas Glenn Hudge Little Jenny Shaun Nel Dave Warshaw Chrissy Summers Musical Acts: Mad Town Mulligan (acoustic set) Sean Schievely Curator: Flip Hayes Somos Media & Gallery 262 Main Street Salinas, CA 93901

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Japan Trip - OPP

OPP = Other People's Photography..
this is me arriving in Nagoya with my tocayo Juan...
Frank & I at the Nagoya Airport.
writing on Nico's garage door
Keepin' it Japanese with a mask.
An awesome photo of Yudai & I flippin each other off... Thanks Mira!
With Primera Car Club (these guys have the craziest paint jobs!)
Out in front of the hotel. Thanks to Toshi & Mira for taking so many pictures! -Juan

Monday, January 2, 2012

Japan Trip - Yokohama pt. 2

The show began early Sunday morning.. Toshi & Shinya made sure we were up and had breakfast early so we could get to the show and begin taking more pictures and push some merchandise!
The crowd was no joke!
I was blessed to be able capture the show from up above!
I'm thankful that I had Frank, Yudai & Mira to help translate at the booth..
I had a great time at the show talking to people (via Frank, Yudai & Mira) After the show Shinya packed us all in the van and we were off to grab dinner & celebrate our accomplishments!
Monday morning we woke up to early and watched as some Nagoya bikers rode away..
We stopped by the Moon Cafe to grab lunch (just like many show goers did)
Toshi being Japanese.