Friday, September 25, 2009

Las Vegas Bachelor Party

Well this wasn't my first trip to Vegas but it was my first trip to Vegas for something other than a car show. I went to celebrate my good friend Pete's bachelor party last weekend.

We celebrated, we celebrated BIG!

I drank too much, spent too much, partied too much... pretty much had a real Vegas experience for the first time.

Here are a few images from our experience... To all who were involved THANKS!

Andy a little too excited to be dropping me off at the airport.

Our first victim on Thursday night..

as Knowie & I were walking we noticed this sweet pick-up and had to take a picture of it.. The driver got a little excited and smoked his tires a little.. haha..


The whole gang... Me, Knowie, Matt, Alex, Cadena, John & Pete

Fight night in Albert's Suite.

Liquid courage

With Albert at Tao... good dudes.. good times!

Even though I drank too much I was still watching what I drank and ate all weekend.. and it looks like it's paying off. Just 2 weeks after starting the weight loss challenge I've already dropped 14 lbs.

Hit a milestone.. finally under 300 lbs again.. as of Sunday Sept 27th I weighed in at 299 lbs..

My goal weight is 260 lbs (Still heavy but smaller than I am now)... Only 39 more pounds to go



Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Weigh In!

First off.. here are a few snapshots that I've taken the last few days while packing for the big move...

Here's my mom and Diego.. as she is about to feed him lunch, love his expression.

Between my brother & I we boxed up about 10 of those boxes with just magazines... most of them Lowrider... wish I had more!

See how organized I keep my shoes?

My first Rod Powell original.

And finally...

Since we're moving our family thought we should make another change. We decided we're going to try & get healthier together... well kinda..

We decided to challenge each other, "Biggest Loser" style. 10 of us (family & friends) put in $50 in a pot.. and in 12 weeks the person who loses the most percentage weight takes it all.

I'm pretty excited about this challenge, as you can see I haven't done anything to be healthy in a very long time... It's been since I played high school football that I intentionally lose weight.

So no more beer, burritos, tacos, burgers, carne asada, etc.. for at least 12 weeks.

I WANT to win the money... but more importantly I NEED to lose the weight to be healthier..

Official weigh-in 313 lbs

I've made it my goal that my current weight will be the biggest I will ever be in my life.

Don't wish me luck... just don't tempt me with good greasy food!