Thursday, April 30, 2009

Lone Star Round-Up 3.2

Well finally made some time to go through my photos from my Texas trip.

here are some photos from Saturday & Sunday at the Round Up & Wellington Texas.

Hope you dig 'em.


This was the Round-Up, I thought this kid's expression was priceless

After the show we had a bite to eat then headed to Congress Ave. (That police lady popped me for open container, but let me go... she said, "If you can put that beer in a cup for me, I don't know it's beer".... now that's Southern Hospitality)

There was already tons of people lining the streets...

I walked upstairs to check out the gallery... and you can see how packed Congress Ave. was

We were having too much fun, and the sun seemed to go down real quick...

Cars were cruising around all night

My buddy Juan wanted me to get a pic of his Chevy in front of the Continental Club.. It was pretty hard.. lots of cars, cops, people getting in the way.. plus I had had a few drinks.

Took a few before the police told me to get out of the street.

Had to take a photo of the Continental Club sign

Big Watcha & Greg

Noah pointing something out... (the pics get worse & worse... haha)

El Jefe's car


Woke up early Sunday morning to pack & get ready to leave Austin for Wellington, snapped a few pics of Rod Powell with Flat Top Bob & Neil the Snowback with the artwork Rod did for them.

A close-up of Neil's little man.

When we got to Wellington (about 7 hr drive) We were greeted by Chabelita..

A last shot before we called it a night.... I can shoot all day & night for a month at Wellington Texas and not get bored... Cool stuff.

I'll post the rest of my trip later...


Monday, April 27, 2009

Saturday mornings

So here are some pics from this past Saturday as I met up with the fellas to talk cars & have breakfast.

Friday night Monico Aldape called ad asked if I would drive his 1964 Impala to a show in Soledad. I really don't like to drive other peoples custom cars much but it was hard to resist driving his, so I took him up on the offer..

Monico's 64 was painted by Delcas and the panels were done by Rod Powell... beautiful car!

Mikey brought his custom bike.

There are some nice cars around our area, it's nice to see them together.

Chino Chris has been building this 63 Impala for a long time.. well it's coming together quite nicely... and that's Dave Marrero's Chevy Pick Up

The Persueders & Dave Marrero's 55 Buick

Nice little Econoline Pick Up Matt & Ian have been working on... needs to be a little lower.

Rod Powell just back from his Lone Star Round Up trek (notice how low the Linocln is)

Lil Gus' clean Merc

Pollito's Merc... finally bagged

Then I was off to Soledad... driving Monico's 64 makes me want to get my Lincoln running.. something about driving and old car just makes you feel good.

I hope more local (& non-local) guys can make it next time. Even though it's a bit early for me, we all have a good time.

Next post should be more pics from my Round-Up adventure...


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Lonestar Round Up 3.1

I shouldn't call this Lonestar Round Up 3.1 but more like Texas 3.1..

You see the main destination in my trip to Texas is the Round Up, but I go other places while I'm there... Thanks to Flat Top Bob...

I had a blast! Caught up with friends, made new ones..

Special thanks to:
Flat Top Bob - Hot Rod Hero, Junk Yard Kid, Great Friend, Tour Guide... Sweet Heart
Steve Wertheimer - El Jefe, Hardest Working Guy... Kontinental
Jeff Norwell - Snowback, Great Friend, Hot Rod Artist... Clown
Neil & Ronda Candy - Snowback, Good People, Patient (with me)
Big Watcha - Tio
Greg Lazzerini - Boss, Drinking Partner
Rod Powell - Hero, Artist, Legend... Rod
Juan (48 Chevy) - Good Friend, Patient, Good Dude
Lee Pratt - Legend, Artist, Good Friend
The Road Rockets - Good Bunch of Guys
Jimmy White (& crew) - Builders, Hot Rodders.. Roommates
... and to everyone else I came across in Texas... You made my trip!

Anyways, here's the first set of photos of my trip


First time flyer... Not bad, I like looking down


Woke up early (4:30 Texas time, 2:30 Cali Time) to head from Wellington to Austin, bout 7 hr drive

Setting up the Art Gallery is always fun, we always need last minute supplies and always are waiting on some artists (artists will be artists)

Here's Jeff Norwell & Flat Top Bob putting up Norwell's pieces..

The list of guys we were waiting for

Looking down..


The Snowbacks (Jeff & Neil) at Reggies BBQ

Steve gave us a label maker to make some labels for the Art Gallery and of course we fooled around with it... haha

El Jefe's Merc

Franco, Norwell, Wertheimer, Owens... Real Hot Rodders!

Deadend Magazine photos finally up, next to Von Franco & Jeff Norwell

Buenas Noches!


Jimmy V's ride

Jimmy Vaughn rockin out

Lou Anne... This lady can sing!

Neil enjoying the show

Jimmy is pretty good..

El Jefe thanking Jimmy & the band for a great performance.

I will post more pics from my trip later... Way more stuff!


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Feliz Cumpeanos Jefe

Five years ago on March 1st 2004 I lost the most influential person in my life, I lost my hero, I lost my dad.

They say everything happens for a reason. I think they are right (who ever "they" are) losing my dad was very painful, and very hard to accept. But now I see his passing as a blessing. Growing up he was the kind of dad that could do anything. He was strong, he was funny, he was mean, he was nice, he was talkative, he was observant, he was the man. So it was hard to see him sick. He couldn't take being sick too long. He broke his neck many years before and instead of living off the disability he decided to get to work. That's the kind of person he was.

If my dad hadn't passed away I don't know that there would be a Deadend Magazine, I don't know that I would live in Salinas, I don't know that I would be the person I am today. Even though my dad has been gone for a little over a five years I think about him everyday.

Feliz Cupleanos Don Juan "El Bonito", we miss you!