Monday, April 27, 2009

Saturday mornings

So here are some pics from this past Saturday as I met up with the fellas to talk cars & have breakfast.

Friday night Monico Aldape called ad asked if I would drive his 1964 Impala to a show in Soledad. I really don't like to drive other peoples custom cars much but it was hard to resist driving his, so I took him up on the offer..

Monico's 64 was painted by Delcas and the panels were done by Rod Powell... beautiful car!

Mikey brought his custom bike.

There are some nice cars around our area, it's nice to see them together.

Chino Chris has been building this 63 Impala for a long time.. well it's coming together quite nicely... and that's Dave Marrero's Chevy Pick Up

The Persueders & Dave Marrero's 55 Buick

Nice little Econoline Pick Up Matt & Ian have been working on... needs to be a little lower.

Rod Powell just back from his Lone Star Round Up trek (notice how low the Linocln is)

Lil Gus' clean Merc

Pollito's Merc... finally bagged

Then I was off to Soledad... driving Monico's 64 makes me want to get my Lincoln running.. something about driving and old car just makes you feel good.

I hope more local (& non-local) guys can make it next time. Even though it's a bit early for me, we all have a good time.

Next post should be more pics from my Round-Up adventure...


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Salinas said...

agreed - something about driving an old car just makes you feel good!