Friday, April 30, 2010

Live at the Fillmore - Murs & Sick Jacken

Had the pleasure to watch some really good live hip hop at The Fillmore (a great venue)

People who say Hip Hop is dead need to go watch Sick Jacken and Murs perform.

They put it down.

You gotta have a good DJ! (sorry for the crappy shots)

Sick Jacken tears it up! One of the most under rated rappers of our time.

Murs is better than your favorite rapper, admit it!

After Murs set was done, Sick Jacken came out... I had to get a pic with him, much respect.


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Legendary Weekend - Saturday

After getting about 3.5 hours asleep Saturday morning me and Lil Watcha left Salinas for San Diego at around 5:30 am (really early for me) But for Chicano Park Day it's worth waking up!

We got there around 12:30 and Chicano Park Day was in full effect!

Hundreds of dope lowriders everywhere, and thousands of people from all walks of life were enjoying the sun, music, vendor booths and especially the lowriders!

In Lil Watcha's own words, "Damn, I've been missing out all these years!" (Yeah it was his first time, and my fourth)

If you have never been to Chicano Park Day, you need to do yourself a favor and go!

A nice view from above... This is just one corner of Chicano Park!

Lil Watcha recording some Pits. All day we kept saying this show has the best looking cars, girls and dogs...

It wouldn't be a 'hood' without street vendors.

We took a break from Chicano Park to go eat in Chula Vista.. Just in case you didn't know the best tacos come from a truck (at least in Caifornia)

Times are tough, but at least he's got a wolf watching over him.

What could be worse than Fuck?

After eating we headed back to Chicano Park then to the Tribal Store in the Gas Lamp District of San Diego. Tribal has some dope gear. Every time we go to San Diego we make it a point to shop Tribal and say hello to Carl and the rest of the crew. On Saturday Tribal had Dj Muggs and Estevan Oriol as special guests.

After doing a little shopping we checked into our hotel room, cleaned up and headed to celebrate The Legend's Birthday in Pacific Beach. Good Times!


The walk back at around 3:30 am... long but very Legendary day!

See you soon San Diego!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Legendary Weekend - Friday

I'm blessed to have so much fun most weekends!

On Thursday I got an email from Maria (from Pachuca Cosmetics) asking if I could gather a few cars together to cruise out to the "La Mission" movie premiere in downtown Santa Cruz on Friday. I wish I was asked earlier so I could've brought more cars.. oh well.. We made a few phone calls and gathered 6 local cars to cruise with me..

I invited Monico Aldape to go but he said he couldn't and asked if I wanted to take his Impala... I did... I hate driving that car, because I have to give it back!

Baby Noah came out to check out the cars.

We stopped in Watsonville on the way up to Santa Cruz to meet Ralph (in the orange truck)

After meeting up with Ralph we stopped at La Selva to meet with Adam Wright and check out a preview of his latest book... Dig it! And not just because we have a couple photos in it.

Robert & Baby Robert met up with us in Santa Cruz.

Grumpy's Rivi right out front of the theatre.

After cruising a little and eating some pizza we headed back to Salinas to get some rest for a few hours before heading to San Diego for Chicano Park Day.


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Visual Mechanics II

Somos Media & Deadend Magazine present Visual Mechanics II
Friday June 4, 2010 - Somos Art Gallery in Salinas, CA

More info soon!

Be There!


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Salinas to Austin 4.3

Here are some shots I took Saturday night on S.Congress Ave in Austin.

I enjoy the entire trip every year, but I think the cruising on Congress is my favorite. It brings back good memories of Paso Robles.

I was telling my brother that it was pretty cool that newer rides jump in the mix that don't fit in the Lonestar Round Up, makes the cruising real!

This 62 bubble top sounded and looked like a beast on the street!

The Austin Police were in full force... but know how to handle the crowd. It's good to see the police not over react to a little bit of cruising.

Two Northern California customs that drove all the way to Austin.

A better look at the two customs on S. Congress.

We were doing a little bit of drinking while watching the cruising.. Don't worry we poured in cups and cleaned up after ourselves... and actually picked up a few cans that we didn't drink.

What a fun time... Many thanks to Greg Lazzerini, Jesus Villalobos, Juan Godinez, Jesus Espinoza, "Flat Top" Bob Owens, Jeff Norwell, Neil Candy, Steve Wertheimer and the rest of the Kontinentals, Ryan Cochran, Pee Wee and all the people we met over in Texas!


Friday, April 16, 2010

Lonestar Round Up Top Ten

Here's my personal Top Ten list of cars at the Round Up this year(Not Deadend Magazine's... I'm sure my brother would pick a different Top Ten)

It was hard to choose only 10 cars... there was some nice cars.

In no Particular order..

This truck was real simple and clean, Bruces Hot Rod Shop did an outstanding job.

What a nice little gasser.

This Ford was nice, If you would've explained to me this car in words I don't think I would've liked it... but seeing it in person I think it works!

Very clean mild classy custom.

Jeff Norwell's pick-up looked great in person.

Nice Sedan.. I don't know why but to me cars look killer in black!

The HemRod... Not my favorite color... but what a great build.

Nice simple and very cool.

Steve's Caddy is really classy.

Anytime Lee Pratt's 58 is in attendance it will probably make my top ten list.

I enjoyed the Lonestar Round Up very much and I'll post more soon.

If you haven't been to this show... make it a point to do so!


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Salinas to Austin 4.1

Another year, another trip to Austin, another great time!

This year my brother and I drove our buddy Oscar's custom 1950 Ford Shoebox Wagon...
Oscar is crazy for letting us borrow his car, and we're crazy for taking it. But the car drove to and from Austin (over 3,200 miles) like a champ!

Here's some photos from the road and some from the gallery...

Before we left we had to move my Lincoln... It took a team effort, thanks to my brother, Freddy, Silk & Marquez!

On the way to Austin we stopped in Phoenix for the night then stopped in Tucson to eat some Mariscos. Of course I had to have a Campechana!

about 3am at a very lonely gas station we stopped to as up and put on extra socks, jackets and gloves for the freezing weather.

just a few of the bugs that lost their lives on the car.

I had to blast some dj sho-t stickers while on the road.

Once we got to Austin my brother needed a rest after 16 hours straight on the road, I went to the gallery to help set up our photos...

Here's Weesner deciding how to put up his artwork.

Our photos next to George Brainard's and George Barris' photos.

Some Von Franco, Jeff Norwell and John Mearns arte.

Here's a closer look at John Mearn's artwork... cool stuff.

I'll post more photos and stories soon.

In the mean time, enjoy.