Thursday, April 15, 2010

Salinas to Austin 4.1

Another year, another trip to Austin, another great time!

This year my brother and I drove our buddy Oscar's custom 1950 Ford Shoebox Wagon...
Oscar is crazy for letting us borrow his car, and we're crazy for taking it. But the car drove to and from Austin (over 3,200 miles) like a champ!

Here's some photos from the road and some from the gallery...

Before we left we had to move my Lincoln... It took a team effort, thanks to my brother, Freddy, Silk & Marquez!

On the way to Austin we stopped in Phoenix for the night then stopped in Tucson to eat some Mariscos. Of course I had to have a Campechana!

about 3am at a very lonely gas station we stopped to as up and put on extra socks, jackets and gloves for the freezing weather.

just a few of the bugs that lost their lives on the car.

I had to blast some dj sho-t stickers while on the road.

Once we got to Austin my brother needed a rest after 16 hours straight on the road, I went to the gallery to help set up our photos...

Here's Weesner deciding how to put up his artwork.

Our photos next to George Brainard's and George Barris' photos.

Some Von Franco, Jeff Norwell and John Mearns arte.

Here's a closer look at John Mearn's artwork... cool stuff.

I'll post more photos and stories soon.

In the mean time, enjoy.


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brianthebrain said...

the shoebox is an absolute killer wagon