Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Had the pleasure of going down to Southern California for the weekend.

Left Salinas after 8pm Friday.. Checked into a hotel in San Diego at 3am, woke up to go to J&V's Christmas Party..
Here's me, Silk, Lil Watcha & my brother at J&V's

Some of the ranflas at the show.

Old School!

Old School! Amigos Car Club gets down!

Pretty much sums up the day

After the show we headed downtown San Diego to the Tribal Gear Store... To get laced up with the latest designs.

The homeboy Carl at Tribal knows what's up and supports Deadend!

After talking with Carl and buying some new Tribal Gear we headed to the Loowrider Tattoo Gran Opening in Fountain Valley.... Got Ink?

Some nice arte on display!


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Digg's in the Buildin

This little guy is visiting for the holidays...

Monday, December 14, 2009


More funny texts that I've gotten & sent on my new phone... lost a lot of funny ones when my other phone died..

from Nicole
"BTW People have the weirdest convos at Starsucks"

From Lil Watcha
"Bumpin that Akwid in Texas.."

from Nicole
"U listen to Coldplay"

from Nicole
"U dress like Lady Gaga"

From Jesus
"Cant have a bunch of old pregnant bitches in here"

from Nicole
"It's patriotic to stuff my face"

from Beto
"Baby Pink? Icey Fresh"

from Nicole
"Box wine sucks"

From Jesus
"How bout a cougar smacked my ass as soon as I walked into the party"

from Nicole
"That means it will be mean - about Thomas Kinkade or Sarah Palin"

from Nicole
"Damn I didn't know you loved mainstream rap"

from Nicole
"I'd like to see your furry boots"

from Samantha
"I know you only tolerate me for my husband and child anyway"

from Lil Watcha
"Why isn't Carmen Electra down with Deadend?"

from Nicole
"Your mom keeps hitting on me"

from Nicole
"Can I pack heat?"

from Andrew
"Made it back safe! Thanks for putting me on blast about the benzo! Dickhead."

from Daniela
"Being Mexican & drinkin in the car"

from Nicole
"Damn. U are such a sell out. You are so Thomas Kinkade"

from Nicole
"I have a bad ass life"

from Alex
"He musta forgot. Everytime we chill he gets hella stuck after we smoke and is pretty useless."

from Nicole
"Cool people thought you were retarded"

from Lil Watcha
"Naw too many gavas"

from Nicole
"Youre so gay you don't even like boys"

from Nicole
"So I taught my 3 year old cousin to do the beyonce booty dance ans she busted it out at her xmas program playing the part of mary"

from Daniela
"La pirateria me salvo la vida!"

from Nicole
"So I had an affair with tiger woods..."

from Nicole
"I stole your joke and told it like it was mine."

from me..

to Nicole
"Why dont u ever knock on my door saturday mornings so I can close it in ur face?"

to Daniela & Nicole
"I just had an architect named Robert C. Mein come in. It was hard not to laugh"

to Nicole
"U framed an Asia Poster"

to Nicole
"Oh then pretend I never said labradoodle"

to Nicole
"Im a peacedestroyer"

to Fitty
"Silky J. Blige"

to Nicole
"We're now playing wine pong"

to Nicole
"Are you kidding me? Kanye West fan!"

to Nicole
"I keep it real... U know like Vanilla Ice, k fed, mc hamer, diddy.. U know legends"

to Samantha
"I waste my own time"

to Nicole
"Gotta catch up on my racist jokes anyways"

to Andrew
"Yo if I put up the pics of Coles bike will you get spanked?"

to Nicole
"Wear your beret so I can take you serious"

to Lil Watcha
"Yeah buddy rollin like a big shot"

to Nicole
"Did he use his putter or nine iron? He should change his name to cheetah woods"

to Nicole
"I think my hearse is going to be pulled over on the way to my burial"

Friday, December 11, 2009



It's kind of funny how the WATCHA logo came about... I was looking through old black & white photos one morning on the external hard drive and came across a photo of Big Watcha at the Viva Las Vegas car show and realized how unique his face was..

I decided I needed to draw him. I outlined his goatee, sunglasses and flat top.. stood back too see if everyone would recognize the logo instantly... and as I did my 7 year old cousin Diego http://939o5.blogspot.com/2009/08/go-diego-go.html walked in, looked at my screen and laughed, "Hey Big Watcha!"

I knew the logo was done and was successful if a 7 year old could identify him.

Everywhere I wear the Watcha shirt we made people ask, "Is that you?" or "Who is that?" or "Where can I get that shirt?" and if they know Big Watcha they just laugh and want one...

I know you want a WATCHA shirt.. right?

If you're lucky enough to already own a WATCHA shirt it's because Big Watcha likes you!


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Visual Mechanics Set-Up Night

The night before the Visual Mechanics Opening Reception we all got together to hang the show... It was a lot of work.. but a lot of fun.

Here are some photos Rod Powell took... as I forgot my camera... yup..

Most of our prints ready to be hung...

Some of Rod Powell's pieces alongside some of our prints.

Randy Garcia's main piece... I like how he used multiple styles in one piece.

Here I am hanging the first piece

Here's some vinyl toys by Rod Powell... It's amazing how creative this guy is... amazing!

It was much easier to decide what order we should hang our show after laying the prints out on the floor.. good idea Will!

Randy Garcia decided our smallest piece needed some striping... He was right.

2 Shot Munny by Rod Powell... I really dig this little guy.

Almost done hanging the show...

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Visual Mechanics Sneak Preview

Tomorrow Night (Friday December 4th) join us for the opening reception of VISUAL MECHANICS!

Art by legendary artist Rod Powell, Photography by The Espinoza Brothers of Deadend Magazine and art by young artist Randy Garcia...

Here's a few of the photos that we'll have on display..

Support Your Local Artists!

Somos Gallery
430 Salinas St.
Salinas, CA 93901


Monday, November 30, 2009

Salinas Boys - Japan Bound

Here's a poster I had the privilege to illustrate for the Salinas Boys to take to Japan for the Mooneyes show this year.. Dig it?


Thursday, November 19, 2009


Art by legendary Rod Powell, Photography by the Espinoza Brothers of Deadend Magazine & art by young up & coming artist Randy Garcia...

Opening Reception:
6pm Friday Dec. 4th 2009
430 Salinas St.
Salinas CA, 93901
at SOMOS Art Gallery in Salinas, CA

Show your Support!

Monday, November 9, 2009

The Squish Story

So I few months back my brother and I were headed southbound on the 5 towards San Diego via Ventura... right after passing the Anaheim area we ran into a lot of traffic... Stop & Go traffic... My brother of course fell asleep while I cranked up some Mac Dre to try and stay awake.

As we drove into Oceanside I couldn't take it anymore I had to get out of my truck and the traffic and stretch out a little.. So I stopped at a gas station to fill up the tank.. my brother woke up and got out... He asks if I wanted anything from inside the store.. Monster Energy and a Twix chocolate bar sounded great.

As he walked to get my sugar fix I hooked up the pump to my truck and leaned on the bed of my truck (passenger side.) As I did this I noticed a big Van pull up (pretty fast) in the pump next to me.. I noticed the driver (we'll call him Old Dude) and the passenger (We'll call her Pissed Off Wife) arguing. That didn't seem too odd... But then I realized why they were arguing, The vans gas filler was on the driver's side not the passenger side... So, pissed off, he pulled up and then cranked the wheel to his left (I was really bored and did notice all of this) Then he began to back up...

Here's where it gets interesting..

As he's backing up (slowly) it looks like he is about to hit a Chevy Suburban..

But he didn't... Not because he stopped.. not because the Suburban moved but because between The back of his van and his Suburban is a lady... I noticed and thought in my head "Oh Shit"....

He doesn't hit her, because he's going very slow... But he "squishes" her between both vehicles...

You're going to think I'm an evil person...

But I didn't yell, run to help or anything... I just looked at her... looked at him and pointed at the lady being squished... Old Dude looked at me and I very calmly said, "Stop."

I think he read my lips because he stopped looked at me in confusion and then was even more confused as the lady he had pinned between two vehicles started yelling..

"You Mother Fucker! You just hit me!"

The Lady squirmed out and began banging on the Old Dude's van as she walked around the back to the drivers window... Old Dude pulled up to the pump as She continued to yell at him...

Old Dude gets out of the van looks at me with a very confused look... and right at the very moment I realized how hilarious this is (maybe I am evil) and try not to laugh...

Old Dude asks me, "Did I really hit her?"
Me, (trying not to laugh) "Um...Yeah.."
Old Dude, "Fuck, I'm just trying to get some fucking gas! Son of a bitch!"
Me, (still trying not to laugh) "Shit happens..."

By then I had finished pumping and was walking to the driver's side of my truck laughing...

I must've had a huge smile.. cause as my brother walks towards me with my energy drink & choclate.. He just looks at me and asks, "Why the fuck you smiling, Fag?"
Me, "Dude... You just missed it.."

We get into the truck and drive away as Pissed Off Wife and the lady that got squished started arguing...

I told my brother what happened and we laughed hysterically for awhile in traffic...

My brother made a very good point, "If you didn't do anything except stand there and look why didn't you take out your cell phone and record it for me?"


That's not evil is it?

I mean I pointed and told the Old Dude to stop... and he did... right?


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mr. & Mrs. Medina

I was in Peter & Amanda's wedding a couple of weeks ago...

What a great time!

I am very happy that they included me in their wedding!

We started things off on Thursday night, a few of us went out for a drink, Then on Friday night we had a rehearsal & dinner..

Here's Pete & I getting ready to head to the rehearsal... You won't see me this dressed up very often.

My partner Courtney and I practicing walking down the isle..

After the rehearsal Peter's mom and family had a great dinner for everyone in the wedding party.. good stuff!

After the dinner we decided to gather a few close friends at my Compadre Rosendo's house for a little bit a drinking and a lot of fun..


Okay.. maybe a lot of drinking and a lot of fun...

Peter showed us the beautiful ring he got for his bride to be... Nice! (Or maybe I just like the shirt Pete's wearing)

John, Pete's Brother, gave a great and very heart-warming Best Man Toast.

Here's Me, Alex, Gianini and Pete's little sister Amanda..

Here I am at the reception with Rosendo and Cadena

Dancing the dollar dance with Amanda.

The Espinoza & Cadena kids... Only Tina is missing...

Like I said I was very happy & honored to be a part of Peter & Amanda's wedding.. Good times had by all!


p.s. I'll start blogging a little more again...

Saturday, October 10, 2009

La Tinta

"Show me a man with a tattoo and I'll show you a man with an interesting past."
~Jack London

I know these days this saying isn't always true.. A lot of people get tattoos for the sake of getting tattoos... Coming from a very anti-tattoo household I knew if I ever got inked it would have to be some meaningful stuff that I would appreciate for the rest of my life.

I think that's why I waited until I was 24 to get my first tattoo...

I got my first tattoo to honor my dad... I never planned on getting praying hands (a little cliche) but after my mom said that she thought the praying hands were one of the only tattoos she's ever liked I knew I had to get em... Everything in that tattoo has a meaning... I got it in done with no shading because I like the "illustrated" look, I got 24 rays for my birthday (the day I got it), The praying hands for my mom and My dad's nickname... "El Bonito"

For my second tattoo, I waited almost 2 years. I knew I wanted this tattoo a long time ago, I just didn't know where to get it on my body. First thought was bicep... then back, then chest.. and finally last minute I chose the forearm.

I didn't ever really plan on getting a tattoo on my forearm... but I am very proud of Deadend.

Mr. Joe tattooing me.

Brothers Espinoza!

I think I'm only getting 2 more tattoos... well maybe 3... or 10...


Monday, October 5, 2009

Weekends were made for fun..

Had a good weekend...

I'll start off with pics from Thursday.

Freddy, my brother and I went to Salinas Boys' shop to shoot a few flicks of the bike Cole and the boys were finishing up for a Japanese client. Beautiful bike.. really clean & compact. These guys are on top of their game...

Here's my brother & Freddy looking at the bikes..

Aaron putting some last minute touches on the bike before it heads for Japan.

Two awesome and very different styled bikes being built at the same time.

Then On Friday night I met Lil Watcha in San Jose and headed to the Royal Jokers Cruise Night in Oakland...

I was backseat driver.

Here's Lil Watcha's Impala sitting front row at the Cruise Night.

There was a clean 61 Impala at the Cruise Night.

After the Cruise Night we headed to downtown San Jose to meet my brother & Big Ed to cruise San Jose...

It was cool to see a few low riders out.

Saturday.. I woke up early to make it to the Marina Swapmeet, but not early enough to sell, story of my life.

As I was taking off Diego was about to eat breakfast.

Saw a cheap little chain steering wheel, almost bought it just to have it... There were some deals to be found.. too bad I'm broke.

Here is a neat little Sportster that was only going for $7,500

Took my god daughter with us to the swap meet, it was funny to watch her run around look and touch stuff and ask a lot of questions..

Here she is as we're leaving for her "Brudder's" birthday party.

After we walked around the swap meet and didn't buy much we headed to Chendito's birthday party. It was fun, watched some good college football, ate some tri-tip (small portion.. boo) drank a light beer and played with the kids a little.

Then later that night I went to have a couple drinks with some good friends...

Sunday I woke up early to design a rush logo job, watched NFL and went to go get more ink... I'll post pics of my new tattoo soon..