Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Had the pleasure of going down to Southern California for the weekend.

Left Salinas after 8pm Friday.. Checked into a hotel in San Diego at 3am, woke up to go to J&V's Christmas Party..
Here's me, Silk, Lil Watcha & my brother at J&V's

Some of the ranflas at the show.

Old School!

Old School! Amigos Car Club gets down!

Pretty much sums up the day

After the show we headed downtown San Diego to the Tribal Gear Store... To get laced up with the latest designs.

The homeboy Carl at Tribal knows what's up and supports Deadend!

After talking with Carl and buying some new Tribal Gear we headed to the Loowrider Tattoo Gran Opening in Fountain Valley.... Got Ink?

Some nice arte on display!


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Miss Helen said...

Love it! Next time, take me!!