Friday, March 26, 2010


More random texts I've received and sent on my new phone.. Some funny some not as much.

From Sarah
"LMFAO, You are sooooo Mexican"

From Jorge
"The camera is going to be the hating device of the year"

From Kristina
"So why didnt you tell me I had pepper in my teeth ho?!"

From Daniela
"You had sqweeky morning voice, it kinda felt like we slept together.. actually, not really, not at all"

From Santana
"Drive by just happened like down the street"

From John
"Whos leg did you have to hump to pull that off"

From Daniela
"Nope. That's carne asada. I'm the prime muthafukin rib!! I'm diosito lindo!!"

From Eric
"Bite me sangrones I would have partied with El Metido"

From Beto
"How about dr faggit?"

From Beto
"Shut up. Your gay and long"

From Nicole
"Did u feel like your eating big bird?"

From Pete
"Dont be a pussito. Get it done"

From Knowie
"How do you know if lesbians are tight? They have sex too"

From Beto
"Yo Gava Gava"

From Knowie
"Ricky Martin wants to borrow your fairy shirt. Theres enough material for his lover too"

From Jesus
"Wat a pusssssaaaaayyyy wat a fuken pussy!!"

From Nicole
"That book told me to kill Ronald Reagan"

From Nicole
"Weiner poop"

From Pete
"You can forget about being invited to my birthday party this year. Just FYI"

From John
"Pop some dip in your mouth and GET R DONE!!"

From Me to Britnie
"Im lookin for ostrich skin boots"

To Sarah
"Oh then FTPa"

To Jorge
"Look under Oaxacas Got Talent"

To Daniela
"I spork"

To Nicole
"Is Chile going to be called Salsa now?"

To Nicole
"I'm an equal opportunity hater"

To Beto
"How bout you suck on my chinese nuts!"

To Nicole
"No every1 knows you cant hit women or children just shake the shit out of them"

To Beto
"fuckyourface is available"

To Nicole
"Do you go to farmville conventions?"

To Knowie
"Lesbian have puuusssaaayyss. U just act like one"

To Knowie
"We just ran into Perez Hilton he was pissed that you stole his blazer"

To Nicole
"Not sure. Drinking green beer and eating lucky charms?"

To Jesus
"Ull look like Stephen Glandsburg"

To Knowie
"U didnt try gayblazer"

To Beto
"It's called a hermaphrodite"

To Nicole
"Its so much better than Catcher in the Retarded Rye"

To Pete
"No future in yo frontin"


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dice Party, Oakland Style.

Saturday I headed back to the Bay.

San Jose was my first stop. Lil Watcha and I went to Nor Cal Customs Grand Opening. It was a small event with a few nice low riders in attendance.

After eating and watching the Tribal Experience DVD, Mark and Beto picked me up to go to the Dice Magazine Issue #31 release party in downtown Oakland.

There were some nice bikes in attendance.

I only had my point & shoot camera... So the photos aren't the best. Here's a few of the bikes that were there.

I dig the sign. The bar was really packed so I wasn't one of the alcoholics.

Nice lettering on a tank.

My favorite bike at the event. The owner, Ricky, has about 50 bikes.

In the Bay you will always see vandalism.

When in Oakland you gotta have good food, so we went to have some great Chicken & Waffles around the corner from the bar. Good times!


Friday, March 19, 2010

Curly Dimpled Lunatic

"A child is a curly dimpled lunatic. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson"

Last night I took some photos of my god daughter for her up coming 4th Birthday.

I had a lot of fun, I'll be honest I'm not very good or experienced in shooting children. It's not the easiest task in the world (especially at 8pm) but it is very fun. My daughter is such a character.

Of Course my favorite pictures are when she's goofing around... Captures her real personality...

She did this on her own... I didn't even have to tell her..

Her dad snapped a few when I was giving the parasol... Dig my shirt...


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lil Watcha

After leaving the Custom Chrome 40th Anniversary last Saturday we hopped in Lil Watcha's 1964 Impala. He took us to shoot Marcos Gaitan's 1966 Impala.

Here are a few shots..

Lil Watcha cruising.

Dios te salve Maria

Lil Watcha actin a fool (Outtake from out upcoming Deadend Magazine catalog)

Check his blog


Monday, March 15, 2010

Chrome Zone

Busy weekend as usual..

Saturday we had a full day.

Drove to The Hayes Mansion in San Jose for the Custom Chrome Inc Dealer show. Hayes Mansion is a beautiful place to host an event, and the Custom Chrome people sure know how to host an event.

Custom Chrome had a neat memorabilia hall with a very cool timeline set up. This was by far my favorite ad they have done in the last 40 years. Very creative and fun.

A good lunch buffet was provided which was great.

Neat engraving on a bike Custom Chrome had on display.

Neat bike.

Salinas Boys!

After meeting some new people, taking some shots and hanging out with our good friends Cole & Aaron (Salinas Boys) and Daniela (Custom Chrome) we headed to a couple photo shoots we had scheduled for the afternoon before heading back to Salinas to rest for a few hours before heading down south for the Greenspan's Car Show(South Gate, CA)

I will post more on the shoots and South Gate later.


Friday, March 12, 2010

Live at The Roxy

This Tuesday my brother and I took a drive down to Southern California (to Hollywood to be specific) to watch Travis Barker and A Trak at The Roxy on Sunset Blvd. Our dear friend Aissa hooked us up with "Music Industry" night passes.

Los Angeles is a different place man. Everyone thinks they're someone and everyone thinks they should be treated as such. We waited in line and watched dozens of people go to the front of the line and tell the bouncer who they "were." The bouncer did his job and made people get in line.

Here are some of the pics from that night...

One cool thing about the LA area is the billboards.

Kid Sister opened up for Travis & A Trak... She did a pretty good job.

People went nuts when Travis & A Trak began performing... The lights were great.

Dj A Trak doing his thing.

I wasn't the only wearing red shoes, but I think I can safely say I was the only person wearing Ben Davis. the skinny jeans era is in full effect down in Southern Cali.

The show was over pretty quickly, if we hadn't booked a hotel we would've considered driving back home... Only a six hour drive.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

March Madness

Been busy the last few days.

Last Friday drove up to Oakland for the Royal Jokers' Cruise Night. Had fun!

Saturday I went with Markos to The March Meet at Famoso Raceway. It was a weird day at the drags, The weather had been shitty all week and made the track ugly to run on. We saw a couple guys hit the wall and even a car flip over. Scary stuff. Still was a fun little trip. Always good to catch up with Markos DeLaVerga.

even though the weather sucked, the stands were packed.

Neat little bike to get around the pits.


Some guy told me and Mark, "Everyone has a camera these days.. Everyone is a photographer.' He's right.

Sunday and Monday I stayed in Salinas and worked on some stuff.

Tuesday I went to watch Travis Barker and A Trak at The Roxy on Sunset.. I'll post on that later


Monday, March 1, 2010

Seis Anos

Six years ago today we lost Juan "El Bonito" Espinoza. Hasn't been a day in those six years that I don't think about him. Almost everything I do, hear or see brings back memories of "Don Juan."

I remember the day he passed like it was yesterday, but the 2 or 3 weeks after he passed are a blur..

Descansa En Paz