Friday, March 12, 2010

Live at The Roxy

This Tuesday my brother and I took a drive down to Southern California (to Hollywood to be specific) to watch Travis Barker and A Trak at The Roxy on Sunset Blvd. Our dear friend Aissa hooked us up with "Music Industry" night passes.

Los Angeles is a different place man. Everyone thinks they're someone and everyone thinks they should be treated as such. We waited in line and watched dozens of people go to the front of the line and tell the bouncer who they "were." The bouncer did his job and made people get in line.

Here are some of the pics from that night...

One cool thing about the LA area is the billboards.

Kid Sister opened up for Travis & A Trak... She did a pretty good job.

People went nuts when Travis & A Trak began performing... The lights were great.

Dj A Trak doing his thing.

I wasn't the only wearing red shoes, but I think I can safely say I was the only person wearing Ben Davis. the skinny jeans era is in full effect down in Southern Cali.

The show was over pretty quickly, if we hadn't booked a hotel we would've considered driving back home... Only a six hour drive.


allthingskool said...

Why didn't you ask "Do you know who I am". Oh thats right you aint no poser like all of L.A hahaha
Keep up the great work, when is the mag comin out???


I'm a bad blogger I don't look at my comments to much but here goes.

The Magazine should be updated next month... finally.

allthingskool said...

Thanx for the update, look forward to seeing new Magazine