Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dice Party, Oakland Style.

Saturday I headed back to the Bay.

San Jose was my first stop. Lil Watcha and I went to Nor Cal Customs Grand Opening. It was a small event with a few nice low riders in attendance.

After eating and watching the Tribal Experience DVD, Mark and Beto picked me up to go to the Dice Magazine Issue #31 release party in downtown Oakland.

There were some nice bikes in attendance.

I only had my point & shoot camera... So the photos aren't the best. Here's a few of the bikes that were there.

I dig the sign. The bar was really packed so I wasn't one of the alcoholics.

Nice lettering on a tank.

My favorite bike at the event. The owner, Ricky, has about 50 bikes.

In the Bay you will always see vandalism.

When in Oakland you gotta have good food, so we went to have some great Chicken & Waffles around the corner from the bar. Good times!


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