Friday, December 11, 2009



It's kind of funny how the WATCHA logo came about... I was looking through old black & white photos one morning on the external hard drive and came across a photo of Big Watcha at the Viva Las Vegas car show and realized how unique his face was..

I decided I needed to draw him. I outlined his goatee, sunglasses and flat top.. stood back too see if everyone would recognize the logo instantly... and as I did my 7 year old cousin Diego walked in, looked at my screen and laughed, "Hey Big Watcha!"

I knew the logo was done and was successful if a 7 year old could identify him.

Everywhere I wear the Watcha shirt we made people ask, "Is that you?" or "Who is that?" or "Where can I get that shirt?" and if they know Big Watcha they just laugh and want one...

I know you want a WATCHA shirt.. right?

If you're lucky enough to already own a WATCHA shirt it's because Big Watcha likes you!


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allthingskool said...

I aint even gonna trip and try to ask for a shirt, but they are the shit