Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mr. & Mrs. Medina

I was in Peter & Amanda's wedding a couple of weeks ago...

What a great time!

I am very happy that they included me in their wedding!

We started things off on Thursday night, a few of us went out for a drink, Then on Friday night we had a rehearsal & dinner..

Here's Pete & I getting ready to head to the rehearsal... You won't see me this dressed up very often.

My partner Courtney and I practicing walking down the isle..

After the rehearsal Peter's mom and family had a great dinner for everyone in the wedding party.. good stuff!

After the dinner we decided to gather a few close friends at my Compadre Rosendo's house for a little bit a drinking and a lot of fun..


Okay.. maybe a lot of drinking and a lot of fun...

Peter showed us the beautiful ring he got for his bride to be... Nice! (Or maybe I just like the shirt Pete's wearing)

John, Pete's Brother, gave a great and very heart-warming Best Man Toast.

Here's Me, Alex, Gianini and Pete's little sister Amanda..

Here I am at the reception with Rosendo and Cadena

Dancing the dollar dance with Amanda.

The Espinoza & Cadena kids... Only Tina is missing...

Like I said I was very happy & honored to be a part of Peter & Amanda's wedding.. Good times had by all!


p.s. I'll start blogging a little more again...

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