Monday, October 5, 2009

Weekends were made for fun..

Had a good weekend...

I'll start off with pics from Thursday.

Freddy, my brother and I went to Salinas Boys' shop to shoot a few flicks of the bike Cole and the boys were finishing up for a Japanese client. Beautiful bike.. really clean & compact. These guys are on top of their game...

Here's my brother & Freddy looking at the bikes..

Aaron putting some last minute touches on the bike before it heads for Japan.

Two awesome and very different styled bikes being built at the same time.

Then On Friday night I met Lil Watcha in San Jose and headed to the Royal Jokers Cruise Night in Oakland...

I was backseat driver.

Here's Lil Watcha's Impala sitting front row at the Cruise Night.

There was a clean 61 Impala at the Cruise Night.

After the Cruise Night we headed to downtown San Jose to meet my brother & Big Ed to cruise San Jose...

It was cool to see a few low riders out.

Saturday.. I woke up early to make it to the Marina Swapmeet, but not early enough to sell, story of my life.

As I was taking off Diego was about to eat breakfast.

Saw a cheap little chain steering wheel, almost bought it just to have it... There were some deals to be found.. too bad I'm broke.

Here is a neat little Sportster that was only going for $7,500

Took my god daughter with us to the swap meet, it was funny to watch her run around look and touch stuff and ask a lot of questions..

Here she is as we're leaving for her "Brudder's" birthday party.

After we walked around the swap meet and didn't buy much we headed to Chendito's birthday party. It was fun, watched some good college football, ate some tri-tip (small portion.. boo) drank a light beer and played with the kids a little.

Then later that night I went to have a couple drinks with some good friends...

Sunday I woke up early to design a rush logo job, watched NFL and went to go get more ink... I'll post pics of my new tattoo soon..


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