Friday, September 25, 2009

Las Vegas Bachelor Party

Well this wasn't my first trip to Vegas but it was my first trip to Vegas for something other than a car show. I went to celebrate my good friend Pete's bachelor party last weekend.

We celebrated, we celebrated BIG!

I drank too much, spent too much, partied too much... pretty much had a real Vegas experience for the first time.

Here are a few images from our experience... To all who were involved THANKS!

Andy a little too excited to be dropping me off at the airport.

Our first victim on Thursday night..

as Knowie & I were walking we noticed this sweet pick-up and had to take a picture of it.. The driver got a little excited and smoked his tires a little.. haha..


The whole gang... Me, Knowie, Matt, Alex, Cadena, John & Pete

Fight night in Albert's Suite.

Liquid courage

With Albert at Tao... good dudes.. good times!

Even though I drank too much I was still watching what I drank and ate all weekend.. and it looks like it's paying off. Just 2 weeks after starting the weight loss challenge I've already dropped 14 lbs.

Hit a milestone.. finally under 300 lbs again.. as of Sunday Sept 27th I weighed in at 299 lbs..

My goal weight is 260 lbs (Still heavy but smaller than I am now)... Only 39 more pounds to go



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Phoenix Edler said...

It must have been one awesome party! A true Vegas night may only be a once in a lifetime experience; it's cool that you were all able to enjoy it while you have the energy to match. Of course, bachelor parties can happen anytime, anywhere.