Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Legendary Weekend - Saturday

After getting about 3.5 hours asleep Saturday morning me and Lil Watcha left Salinas for San Diego at around 5:30 am (really early for me) But for Chicano Park Day it's worth waking up!

We got there around 12:30 and Chicano Park Day was in full effect!

Hundreds of dope lowriders everywhere, and thousands of people from all walks of life were enjoying the sun, music, vendor booths and especially the lowriders!

In Lil Watcha's own words, "Damn, I've been missing out all these years!" (Yeah it was his first time, and my fourth)

If you have never been to Chicano Park Day, you need to do yourself a favor and go!

A nice view from above... This is just one corner of Chicano Park!

Lil Watcha recording some Pits. All day we kept saying this show has the best looking cars, girls and dogs...

It wouldn't be a 'hood' without street vendors.

We took a break from Chicano Park to go eat in Chula Vista.. Just in case you didn't know the best tacos come from a truck (at least in Caifornia)

Times are tough, but at least he's got a wolf watching over him.

What could be worse than Fuck?

After eating we headed back to Chicano Park then to the Tribal Store in the Gas Lamp District of San Diego. Tribal has some dope gear. Every time we go to San Diego we make it a point to shop Tribal and say hello to Carl and the rest of the crew. On Saturday Tribal had Dj Muggs and Estevan Oriol as special guests.

After doing a little shopping we checked into our hotel room, cleaned up and headed to celebrate The Legend's Birthday in Pacific Beach. Good Times!


The walk back at around 3:30 am... long but very Legendary day!

See you soon San Diego!

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