Monday, April 26, 2010

Legendary Weekend - Friday

I'm blessed to have so much fun most weekends!

On Thursday I got an email from Maria (from Pachuca Cosmetics) asking if I could gather a few cars together to cruise out to the "La Mission" movie premiere in downtown Santa Cruz on Friday. I wish I was asked earlier so I could've brought more cars.. oh well.. We made a few phone calls and gathered 6 local cars to cruise with me..

I invited Monico Aldape to go but he said he couldn't and asked if I wanted to take his Impala... I did... I hate driving that car, because I have to give it back!

Baby Noah came out to check out the cars.

We stopped in Watsonville on the way up to Santa Cruz to meet Ralph (in the orange truck)

After meeting up with Ralph we stopped at La Selva to meet with Adam Wright and check out a preview of his latest book... Dig it! And not just because we have a couple photos in it.

Robert & Baby Robert met up with us in Santa Cruz.

Grumpy's Rivi right out front of the theatre.

After cruising a little and eating some pizza we headed back to Salinas to get some rest for a few hours before heading to San Diego for Chicano Park Day.


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