Monday, April 6, 2009

Holy Macro

So this past Saturday I spent all day doing yard work (hate it) and deciding whether I was going to drive to Ventura that night.. I didn't, not because I didn't want to but because I should be saving my money for my trip to Austin.

So instead of driving down to Ventura I spent my evening designing, youtubing & taking pictures on Macro mode of random stuff with my sister's point & shoot.

First, I got inspired to take random pics when I was comparing my mom's hardworking hands to my hands as she was putting on lotion.

Then I pointed the camera at my mom & she covered her face. She doesn't like pictures of herself.

I really like this photo.. haha

The following photos were taken in my mom's room...

how cute... or creepy?

Dios te salve Maria..

Jesus Christ!

Another angel..

Another guadalupe...

This painting I actually really like.. its about 8 inches wide & 12 tall.

This is a painting I did on a small canvas for Mother's Day for my mom in 2002.. I should paint more often. I actually enjoy it and I need to get better at it. My dad loved it when I painted stuff for him.

Now I took the camera to my room and took photos of random stuff there... I know I'm weird...

The first thing I saw was shoes on the floor.

Growing up (since I could remember) I've had at least one pair of chucks. First I had them cuase we were broke, then because I liked them.

Now in my adult life, I own at least one pair of chucks & vans...

and lots.... lots of black tees.

One of my tired but hardworking macs (don't mind the mess)

A closer look (dirty keys)

Think the last of the Church Numero Tres books we have left.

The best that I know of..

Cadillac pimpin

Roth Lettering Enamel named a color after us... I think we've pretty much made it.. We have our own color... do you? haha

I need to shoot this.

This keeps lint company in my pocket

So does this

My eye

And last here is an ID card from elementary school. Don't laugh!

That's it for now... I know boring stuff

Al Rato

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