Friday, April 3, 2009

Lone Star Round-Up 3.0

So in a couple weeks I will be making a return to the Lone Star Round-Up in Austin Texas for the 3rd consecutive time! I'm really excited. The first year was great because I rode (& learned how to drive 3 on the tree) with Salinas Legend Rod Powell

in his 56 Chevy Handyman Wagon.

and followed Lee & Suzanne Pratt (2 great people & artists)

It was my first time going to the Round-Up and it was awesome. The show was great, the trip was amazing... but the best part(s) was talking with Rod and Lee on the road and meeting new friends....

I met Flat Top Bob

The first night we got there as we were setting up Rod's artwork in the gallery. Bob asked me if I worked for Donnie at Imperial Kustoms because I was wearing an Imperial Kustoms Shirt. I told him, no, and introduced myself and we hit it off. Bob and Linda (his wife) are 2 of the nicest people in the world!

I met Jeff Norwell

That same night. I was already a big fan of his artwork, and became an even bigger fan after seeing some originals in person. The man can draw! I actually went up to Jeff and told him my name was Juan and just complimented his talents. In about 2 minuted while I was still admiring his work Jeff comes back, "Dude, why didn't you say who you were, I love Deadend Magazine." I was shocked. I guess Jeff got to talking with Rod and Rod told him about our trip and who I was. Since then Jeff and I have become god friends and joke around a lot, he's a Snowback.

The second time around, Rod & I jumped into his wagon again and headed to L.A. to meet Lee Pratt again. But this time Lee jumped in the wagon with us.

and off we were to Austin. This time the trip was shorter, but nonetheless still very fun. This time we had a deadline. We had to get there early for Rod & I to set-up our artwork in the gallery. I was excited to have some of our (my brother and I) photography on display next to some great artists.

the show again was great, but the best part was hanging around with Rod, The Flat-Tops & Jeff Norwell in Wellington Texas. After the Round-Up we drove to Flat-Top Bob's house and he gave us a 3 day tour of his neat little Texas town & salvage yard. We had a great time.

This year will be different, but I still expect it to be fun. I will be flying to Wellington to ride down to Austin with Flat Top Bob.

And again I am excited to be a part of the Round-Up Gallery.. some of the artist are
Von Franco
Jeff Norwell
Rod Powell
John Mearns
Ruben Duran
Jimmy "Jeem" Smith
Dennis McPahil
Keith Weesner

I am honored that my brother and I will have photography hanging next to the works of these talented fellas.

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