Sunday, March 29, 2009

Saturday 3-28-09

This was a long Saturday... We were supposed to go to LA but decided against it because I'm trying to save $$$ for my Texas trip. So instead this is how I spent my Saturday...

First I went to have breakfast at Ariana's here in Salinas (something we're going to try & do every last saturday of the month just for run)

Primer Dave's Buick lookin even better with wires.

Jim's Pick Up, Glen's 67 wagon & Richie's 66 wagon.

Nice Laselle grill

Mike Hubbard's roadster

Interior shot

Clean Ford

Don's nice little Rambler

If you go to any car show anywhere near Salinas, you're pretty much guaranteed to see some Rod Powell artwork!

Denny heading home.

Next stop Pleasenton Ca for the Goodguys show. There was a ton of people & cars.

Big Watcha was posted up with the Coker booth. I think it helped Coker sell some rubber because a lot of people were asking Watcha about his clean tires.

And of course any where Watcha goes, he leaves his mark (logo courtesy of your's truly)

Then we headed to Frisco looking for some fresh gear on Haight St.

Silk being a tourist

I handed Lil Watcha my camera to snap this flick of a lowrider cruising down Haight

We couldn't leave the young homie Lil Watcha behind (haha)

I think the best part about Haight is the artwork. Some dope graffiti!

A fresh Mike Giant

This dude was old & very drunk

Then we headed to San Jose to have some pizza at Bj's & played some pinball on an old pinball machine at Lil Watchas house. It became a competition & Silk dominated but I left my camera in the truck.


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