Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It aint no fun if the homies don't text nothin...

On my cell phone I usually have over 300 txt's saved... Most of them are there because I'm too lazy & haven't erased them, but some are there because they are funny. Here are some that I think will make you laugh.. If they don't make you laugh, well then you're dumb..

From Beto (my good friend)
"Let's hug it out, bitch"

From Tina (my sister)
"Beans & Bacon"

From Beto (he sends some funny txts)
"Hey Bud can you bring the Keisha Cole CD's thanks Kisses"

From Pete (Another good friend)
"Asi Viene el sanwich mang"

From Vince
"Yeah hella white fools"

From Beto

From Beto (yeah again)
"Los Chile Kissers?"

From Melissa
"That's kinda late. Wanted to take pix before i Get too wasted"

from Beto (I swear we're not gay... he just has a good sense of humor)
"Then only then we can sword fight"

From Pete
"What's the name of Speedy Gonzales' sidekick"

From Kristina (good friend, my "mejory" as she likes to say)
"Chuck Norris does not get frostbite. Chuck Norris bites frost"

From Chendo (my compadre)
"Dude I'm at a party with Payton Manning"

From Knowie (another good friend)
"Im exhausted, Diiiiiiick!"

Form Sarah (friend)
"Don't lie, you don't read books"

From Pat
"Well? I'm all naked and need a shirt"

From Sarah
"I want you to fly towards me.. so I can shut the window"

From Sarah
"OMG I just put on a Hello Kitty band-aid! How did you know?"

From me to Beto
"So I have a new term to share with you that we have to use in our vocab.
"Human Rat Rod"

From me to Lil Watcha (cuz)
"Ba pa wa pa baaa wapa pa ba wapaa, That's all we had"

from me to Tina
"Ur Tupac ur Biggie"

From me to Lil Watcha
"Put a quarter underneath that bomb... Can't get nothin"

From me to Beto
"Does he have a lil flanel onesie?"

From me to Val (friend)
"U mean it's already Thurs & u aint drunk?"

From me to Sarah
"Don't know if you heard me counting I did over a thousand"

From me to Sarah
"... Afternoon Delight..."

From me to Kristina
"We've replaced Chuck Norris with the Legend jokes"

From me to Knowie
"I shoulda told him ur real email:"

That's it for now.... peace ninjas!

I'll post some really; immature, maybe creative, maybe lame, maybe not so lame images soon... I think...

here's an image of me laughing... i think..


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Anonymous said...

"What it do Tits McGee"

probably by far the best txt you've ever sent me.