Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Cellphone photography

I should buy a small camera to take with me everywhere I go, I seem to find a lot of stuff to take pictures of when I don't have my camera..

Here are some images taken with my crappy cell phone..

I think the baby doll is supposed to be crying... but it looks really upset, or thizzed out..

nice kicks...

art crimes

wiener dogs..

big pimpin!

this was what we kept in stock at the bar at work

Dj Sho-t & the covers I've designed for him

typical Salinas signage.. haha

Where I'm from

Hot off the press... Salinas Boys Calendar

The Legend is so mysterious

mi casa

Baller on a budget... major budget... I blame the economy

Dream Car!

Paper'ed up

It's cool to go to a tattoo convention & see your book for sale in one of the booths

Economy better.. but not great...

That's all I got for today..


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