Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I'm posting a few photographs I've taken... Like I said before some are good and some aren't as good. Here you go... stuff I see through my canon. In no particular order.

This is s photograph I took a couple years back at Hollywood Hot Rods' Open house deal in Burbank California. I really dig how colors & composition came out.

I took this photo a few months back at the Tribal Gear warehouse party in San Diego.

The last couple of years I've been going to Austin Texas for the Lonestar Round-Up in April. I took this photo of the infamous Continental Club on a late cloudy evening. I dig old neon signage.

I took this shot of Henry Gong's Salinas Boys built 56 Nomad from the Traveler's Hotel in Oldtown Salinas. Henry thought he got a crappy parking spot but this shot was actually published in the CHURCH Numero Tres book, and was appropriately titled "Ghetto Fabulous."

Took this shot out of the passenger side of my brother's Honda as we followed Lionzo to San Gabriel to shoot his bikes. Clean Moto!

Here's a photo of Killa Vee, she's the 2nd model I ever shot. I really like the mood of this photo.

This was one of the shot's my brother & I took for Confused Clothing & Nor Cal Kustoms. We were called by Nor Cal Kustoms to see if we could set up & shoot a few models the same day and deliver nice cropped color corrected shots in a couple of days. We accepted the challenge and did okay considering both my brother & I aren't "real" photographers.

This is one of the shots I captured while shooting the cover for the next Gearhead Magazine (Issue 18) of Punk Rocker Roger Miret (of the Disasters) & Alex Gambino (of Gambino Kustoms)

Here's a shot of model Kayla D, shot for Make-up artist Alecia Hernandez.

Lots of times when my brother & I both go on a shoot we bring along our old film camera. While my brother was shooting Jeff's car I snapped a few, and liked this shot.

I took this photo of my good friend Beto while we waited for his wife & baby to finish getting ready for a family portrait.. my favorite type of photography (sarcastic)

My beautiful god-daughter on Easter weekend 2008.

Here's little Beto, loving the camera! Haha...

I'll keep snapping away & uploading pictures more often... stay tuned ninjas!

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Salinas said...

Love 'em! Can't wait to see more!