Thursday, April 23, 2009

Lonestar Round Up 3.1

I shouldn't call this Lonestar Round Up 3.1 but more like Texas 3.1..

You see the main destination in my trip to Texas is the Round Up, but I go other places while I'm there... Thanks to Flat Top Bob...

I had a blast! Caught up with friends, made new ones..

Special thanks to:
Flat Top Bob - Hot Rod Hero, Junk Yard Kid, Great Friend, Tour Guide... Sweet Heart
Steve Wertheimer - El Jefe, Hardest Working Guy... Kontinental
Jeff Norwell - Snowback, Great Friend, Hot Rod Artist... Clown
Neil & Ronda Candy - Snowback, Good People, Patient (with me)
Big Watcha - Tio
Greg Lazzerini - Boss, Drinking Partner
Rod Powell - Hero, Artist, Legend... Rod
Juan (48 Chevy) - Good Friend, Patient, Good Dude
Lee Pratt - Legend, Artist, Good Friend
The Road Rockets - Good Bunch of Guys
Jimmy White (& crew) - Builders, Hot Rodders.. Roommates
... and to everyone else I came across in Texas... You made my trip!

Anyways, here's the first set of photos of my trip


First time flyer... Not bad, I like looking down


Woke up early (4:30 Texas time, 2:30 Cali Time) to head from Wellington to Austin, bout 7 hr drive

Setting up the Art Gallery is always fun, we always need last minute supplies and always are waiting on some artists (artists will be artists)

Here's Jeff Norwell & Flat Top Bob putting up Norwell's pieces..

The list of guys we were waiting for

Looking down..


The Snowbacks (Jeff & Neil) at Reggies BBQ

Steve gave us a label maker to make some labels for the Art Gallery and of course we fooled around with it... haha

El Jefe's Merc

Franco, Norwell, Wertheimer, Owens... Real Hot Rodders!

Deadend Magazine photos finally up, next to Von Franco & Jeff Norwell

Buenas Noches!


Jimmy V's ride

Jimmy Vaughn rockin out

Lou Anne... This lady can sing!

Neil enjoying the show

Jimmy is pretty good..

El Jefe thanking Jimmy & the band for a great performance.

I will post more pics from my trip later... Way more stuff!


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