Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Body Art

Not everything I shoot is automotive related...

Every once in a while I get called on to shoot people... I'm not that good at it yet but I do enjoy it. Especially when I get to work with creative people.

I've worked with Danyelle Castro (model/hairstylist/make-up artist) a few times before and we always have a good time shooting. She seems to always have good ideas.The bottle of alcohol she brings with her might also help.

Not so long ago Danyelle asked if I would be interested in shooting her first time body painting a model. I was interested and glad I did it. We had a great time. Danyelle asked her friend Victoria to help out (she did a great job) and had Josselyn be her canvas.. Josselyn was a great sport and did a wonderful job posing..


Painting & Make-Up

Team effort

Finished product

Josselyn's eyes are so intense..

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