Friday, January 28, 2011


I have a folder on my desktop (at work) titled "Random."

This folders holds literally a bunch of random stuff I've found online or stuff I've done and didn't know where to put..

If you've never seen this.... Where have you been? My homeboy Coby is one talented dude!

Dedication! Found this on someone's blog.. The owner of the camera claims he cleaned up the camera and it works fine.

"tigers love pepper, they hate cinnamon"

Quick photochop I did..


First ever cover of Lowrider Magazine..

I have a thing for vans..

Teen Angel is kind of a bad ass!



sin said...

you should buy Veronica's van, it looks like the van you posted but it's a ford.


Saporn! I wanted to.. but I think I'm buying a newer astro van (to drive to shows) How you been?

did you see this shot of your pick-up?

cameratakesphotos said...

That Nikon totally still works.... To clean it up they literally hosed it off!