Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Shooting Salinas Boys, Otra ves.

Last week my brother followed along and photographed Cole Foster & Aaron Elliott of Salinas Boys Customs for a couple of days for an upcoming catalog. I went after work to help and bug them. It's always neat to hang out and talk about custom cars with these guys, not only are they talented but these dudes got style. It's always neat to shoot stuff we regularly don't. We usually shoot cars without people, this time my brother's client wanted Cole and Aaron in the pictures..

Here are a few outtakes...

On the first night I showed up late to just pretty much BS with them. Cole and Aaron brought out some very nice Japanese Magazines for us to check out.

One of the places we shot at was Ben Rega's shop... The place is awesome. This is Ben's shoebox that hopefully you'll get to see in person one day. One of the nicest Shoeboxes I've seen (and I've seen a lot of Shoeboxes)

Ben was smart enough to grab this sign before it was destroyed... Nice!

Aaron asked us to get a shot of his logo (done by Rod Powell) so I could digitize it..

After shooting in both Ben & Aaron's shops we headed to the Foster residence to shoot Cole, Aaron & Susan. Here's my brother doing what he's best known for.

Susan brought out a very cool Las Vegas book that I now want!

Of course when we're all together we start talking about random stuff... It usually starts out with cars and this night I think the conversation ended somewhere between blogs and porn...

You'll see some of the pics my brother took later this year. They're neat!


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allthingskool said...

Is Custom Craft going to finally start selling more of Cole's stuff