Monday, June 21, 2010

Los Angeles Roadster Show

I go to the Roadster show to not look at roadsters, but rather to check out the cars and cool junk at the swapmeet.

There was some neat stuff this year.

I've always been a fan of vans... but lately I've been obsessed. My brother was checking out a caddy while I was geeking out over this van.

This little Econoline is just cool.

Susan taking the Bean Bandits Bonneville racer for a spin.

Is there life after loco?

Y que?

This was a cool sign.

Overall I had a great time at the Roadster Show. Cars are awesome, but hanging out with good friends makes it even better!


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Ellsworth Mciltrot said...

I haven't gone to events like this. But my friend went to this show for the first time, and he saw a lot of sellers and roadsters. I'd like to attend one someday. That would be such a treat!