Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Art in the Streets - Numero 2

A few more shots from Art in the Streets at MOCA in LA.

Mr. Cartoon's Ice Cream truck..

West Coast!

Luckily I got there bright and early for opening day (to the public) and didn't have to wait long to get in. This show had all sorts of people in the short line I was in. Artists, Photographers, Hipsters, Moms, Dads, Hip Hop Heads, Nerds, Bros, Cholos and even Minor Celebrities...

I think the MOCA did a really good job in representing 'Street Art' (I think they missed a few artists that should've been represented.. Seen? Giant? But that's just my opnion) I also did think it was a little weird having to pay to see 'Street Art' and even weirder to see it guarded so heavily by security guards. I mean these security guards were everywhere making sure people didn't get too close.

The dog should've pissed on him.

"exit throught the gift shop?" Kind of ironic if you ask me. (Yes right in front is another security guard)

When I went to take a piss I was surprised and kind of let down that the restrooms hadn't been tagged up.. I mean its a exhibit about graffiti & street art....


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