Monday, April 18, 2011

Art In The Streets

Had the pleasure of going to the MOCA in Los Angeles for the opening day of "Art In The Streets" exhibit.

Fuckin dope art on display!

Here are some of my favorites...
Mr. Cartoon's 39 Master Deluxe with graffiti in the background was my favorite display.

More of Mr. Cartoon's work. Homeboy gets down!

Risk! One of the best to ever do it!

Banksy... Some of his stuff I could care less about but this poece was brilliant.

I'm a fan of the old school! If you've never heard of Lee or Lady Pink.. you better ask somebody!

Chaz Boujorquez.. So detailed!


Another one by Risk (right outside)

If you're a fan of graffiti you need to make it down to the MOCA while this exhibit is up. There's some great stuff (and of course a few that are not so great)

I didn't expect so much security... More on that and more photos later...


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