Monday, September 19, 2011

Hella Fresh Weekend

This weekend was jam packed for me with fun stuff!
Thursday we finally put the Deadend Magazine logo on the box van (By we I mean my My brother & Chino did it while I watched)
I think it's lookin good
On Friday I had the pleasure of attending Zion I's 'Hella Fresh Fest' It was hella fresh!
Caught someone wearing a shirt I designed for Zion I
Amplive's MPC guitar is the shit!
I thought this pic came out great... wish it was a girl instead of a dude, but I still like it.
Zumbi, Amplive & Deuce Eclipse killed it once again!
Saturday we drove down to Antioch for Billetproof, I think this show gets bigger & bigger every year... This shot was taken by young Chino...
Sunday I had the pleasure of shooting & hanging out with these two lovely ladies..
Not a bad way to spend a weekend....

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