Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Salinas Exposed Portraits

If you didn't get a chance to make it down to Somos last Friday night do yourself a favor and stop by while the 'Salinas Exposed 2' exhibit is still up. There are some great portraits by some great local talent. I chose to photograph those who feed me in Salinas. As you know I love good food.
"Don Juan" - I have been enjoying tacos at 'La Paloma' for many years. Don Juan not only makes some very delicious and unique tacos, but he is a very good guy. Stop by Thursday - Sunday nights on Griffin St.
"Dona Mami" - First person I thought of was my mom. She has been feeding me my entire life. She is a very traditional Mexican woman who feeds others before feeding herself.
"Mi Tierra" - A small joint in Old Town Salinas has a very large menu and Carlos makes the best chavelas in town, I go have one at least twice a week.

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