Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Signs of Salinas

So I always get these urges to go photograph around town, not just for the sake of art (partially though) but also just to document my take on Salinas, you wont see much fields, steinbeck stuff or the new shopping malls from me. I want to photograph stuff that really shows Salinas as it really is. No glitz & glamour but the real Salinas. The Good, The Bad and the Ugly.

This time around for no reason really I decided I wanted to take pictures of Signs around Salinas. There are still a few good ones, and a lot of bad ones... But a lot of the bad ones have character, which is a big part about Salinas.

I'll go back and take more shots of more signs someday... soon maybe..

I do have to take some shots for a show I'll be in later this year (more on that later)

I've always been a fan of old Theatre signs.. This run down Cinema sign is cool.

The Greyhound sign has been a longtime favorite. Hope if they decide to tear down that building someone saves it.

You gotta appreciate hand-lettering..

An old abandoned bar in downtown, I love the Stained glass!

Another of my favorite local signs. Every time I pass by it I want to steal this sign.

I remember as a kid we'd go eat tacos at a truck that parked in front of this furniture store. I dig the lettering!

Now I want to shoot a car in front of this building!

Another sign I remember from my childhood. I dig this lettering a lot. If you live in a hispanic-majority community like Salinas, you've probably seen a lot of similar signage. Someone once told me that the hispanic community is keeping hand-lettering alive.

This sign is cool, I want to steal this one too...

More hand-lettering from the eastside.

Vote! You can't tell from this angle, but the Obama sign is also hand-lettered, and of course I had to eat at that hot dog stand.

This one speaks for itself, Bright building, bunch of beat up cars and "God Bless You USA" awesome!

Probably my favorite sign in Salinas!

I was cut short from my sign hunting to go help my brother shoot a Mustang Campos Custom Fab just finished working on. Here's an outtake.


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David Bond said...

Nice shots, bitchin signs.