Thursday, July 30, 2009

More cellphone photography

1. Sometimes I still bring out the Sharpie (not always on the computer)
2. Best Fish tacos I've ever had
-Take the 5 south past San Diego
-Exit Main St in Chula Vista
-Turn Left (on Main)
-Turn right on 4th Ave
-Look for Mariscos El Prieto truck
3. L.A. traffic
4. Michelada
5. Mom's home cooking... Nopales with Carne & Frijoles, great!
6. My hand looks giant
7. Mac Addict!
8. The coolest baby
9. Sign
10. Does your mailbox get tagged on? That's hood!
11. Me
12. A dragster goes back to it's roots.
13. Ever eaten dog before?


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