Wednesday, July 8, 2009

4th of July Weekend 2009

Spent the 4th of July weekend in the San Diego area (which is becoming a tradition for me)

My brother, Andy, Dj Sho-T & I jumped in a rental and headed south to pick up Fitty in Oxnard. We planned on going to San Diego that night but decided to spend the night in Oxnard and go out in Ventura, good choice... we had fun.

Woke up from a quick morning hour nap and headed to San Diego.

Our first stop was El Cajon for the Strays Car Club car show.
We had a good time in El Cajon even though it was really hot, the Strays fed us and kept us cool with plenty of water and beer to drink.

Then we were off to Pacific Beach to go walk the beach
Beautiful view

All the water made Sho-T have to piss, haha

Lots of people out on the beach enjoying the nice Southern California weather

Drunk "Bro-Dudes" will do anything for free stuff, "Sweet free Redbull Bro!"

Had to take a pic with the TA El Gordo sign haha, and no that's not an area code, it's a race car

Saw this nice Lincoln parked in an alley, wanted to jump in and drive it

After spending the day getting sun burned and tired from all the walking we went to book a hotel room. Once at the hotel we took a dip in the pool and got ready to go out. Once we were ready it was late and Pacific Beach was packed with people so we went out downtown.

Woke up the next day and headed to J&V Automotive in Chula Vista to shoot Joe's bitchin 35 Ford

I was shooting while the rest of the fellas looked on.

After the shoot we headed to eat the best mariscos I've ever had, and went shopping at the Tribal Gear store. After spending too much money we were northbound towards home.

Dj Sho-t got inspired and was ready to shoot for his new album dropping soon
So we shot last night

As you can see the little guy has been working out.. haha..


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