Monday, June 29, 2009

Sound of Music

A couple of different events got me thinking a lot about music lately...

- Michael Jackson's death
- My new ipod touch
- Limewire
- etc..

Have you ever thought (or been asked) about your favorite song? Can you name one off the top of your head? I can, it might come as a surprise but my favorite song of all time has been "Love and Happiness" by Al Green for many years now...

My favorite part of the song is at the 30 second mark.... just brilliant!

Even though I'm currently listening to mostly hip hop, I do like a bunch of music, and sometimes I get on these little trips about what kind of music I listen to...

When I first started going to college all I wanted to listen to was Too $hort and E-40 (with a sprinkle of some other bay area artists)
Then I got into classic rock pretty heavily (Mostly Pink Floyd, Santana, Led Zeppelin and other similar artists) because I began listening to Lamont & Tonelli on 107.7 The Bone

Since then I have an appreciation for almost all genres of music, hip hop and rock are still on top of my list but I really dig surf(abilly), reggae, Spanish music (musica nortena & corridos mostly), country (older country,when it was real country), blues, and some alternative.

I've had the pleasure of watching some of my favorite artists live... Like..
Ramon Ayala
The Ventures
Vicente Fernandez
Too $hort (4x)
Dj Z-Trip (2x)
Jimmie Vaughan (3x)
San Quinn
Mac Dre
Tech N9ne
Southern Culture on The Skids (2x)
Deke Dickerson (2x)
Dj Quik
Shane Dwight
The Drifters
Dj Ratster
Dj Sho-T
The Pyronauts
...and many other indie bands and artists

and I have to say my favorite live performances have been by Dj Z-Trip, Jimmie Vaughn and Too $hort.

Z-Trip really knows how to work the crowd, and unlike many dj's he mixes live

Too $hort is the best live rapper I've ever seen, he doesn't rap over his own lyrics like most rappers, and he doesn't bring his whole entourage onstage like most.

Jimmie Vaughan makes love to his guitar onstage. He is super talented, you can just see the passion he puts into his music when you watch him live.

Since we're on the music tip, here are some of my favorite videos I've found online...

The Grouch is one of my favorite hip hop artists

Jimmie and his late brother working the double neck! Unbelievable!

Z-Trip blowing out candles.... cool

I'm a big San Quinn fan and I really dig this song.

Wish I was there!

anyways "Let the music play!"

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