Monday, June 8, 2009

Weekend Warrior

Wikipedia: Weekend is a term referring to two traditionally non-working days in a seven-day week...

Me: Weekend is a term referring to two traditionally car show going or car shooting days.

Well this past weekend I did manage to go to a couple shows... A little different than your usual shows.

FRIDAY: Got off work a little early picked up my brother and camera and headed to San Jose to pick up Lil Watcha.

That's the lil ninja...

Then we headed to downtown Oakland to visit The Royal Jokers' First Cruise Night

The location was 1/4 Lb Giant Burger.. nice little spot

A few of the cars that showed up

Big Watcha is everywhere... even at the Oakland First Friday Artwalk.

More of the cars.

When in Oaktown you're guaranteed to see some Police brutality, oh wait they're letting the guy get in the Police car himself. How nice of them.

You know how I know you're gay?

The Mejia Merc is "too many fancy"

SATURDAY: Wanted to wake up early to head out to the Marina Swapmeet and sell some junk, but I woke up too late (story of my life) so I just went to go look around with my friend Knowie. He bought some tools (actually ripped a guy off) and I bought a sweet Dick Tracy toy.

Nice wheels, wish I had the money to buy them.

Nice moto with a little 110 motor.

Future Hot Rodder!

having lunch in his fiberglass body

That's me with Low Riding legends, Chaco (old school photographer for Lowrider Magazine in the late 70's and Rod Powell)

A nice little bus.

Then I went home to get picked up by Silk so we could go to the Monterey Beerfest.

This one's for you

It's pretty cool to see some of my work being served at the Beerfest

Hipsters are the new jocks... Think I could pull that look? haha

Then later that day I went to help my friends move into their new home. On Sunday I woke up really late, like afternoon late and went to help my friends again. I see many nights hanging out at their new home in my future.

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Miss Helen said...

Please don't ever wear tight pants, men should be men... Fuck hipsters!
And again, love the pics!