Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Celly Cell

More cellphone photography...

Best tacos in Salinas (from La Paloma)

First time on a plane (Is there supposed to be snakes?)

Part of Lee Pratt's collection

My god-daughter

Don't trip on my chucks, it's a cali thing.


Lil Watcha installing his stereo system, If you didn't build it don't slump it

My mom and her mother's day flowers

At the Tech N9ne concert at the Salinas Fox Theatre, best cell phone pic I've ever taken

I went to the children department to pay for something at JCPenny and was amazed that every kid that walked by had to jump through this hop scotch deal. Every kid! Who ever is responsible for this idea nailed it! Pure genius.


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cameratakesphotos said...

Love the fox theatre shot! Unfortunately the F-1 was damaged before it was given to me - the paper shutter curtain is pretty badly wrinkled. I've looked into having someone fix it but it would cost more than just buying a new body off of ebay. It's unfortunate because it was given to me along with an ENTIRE collection of about 8 lenses for it.