Sunday, August 2, 2009

Go Diego Go

I have a nephew (well really a cousin) that is a big part of my life. We raised him until he was about four. Then he moved to his grandma's house a few hours away. He visits every chance he gets. I love him. He brightens my day.

When he comes to visit it's not rare for him to tag-along with me to a car show or two. He is a very curious and imaginative kid. He will walk and admire the cars for only a few minutes before his mind starts wandering. He'll ask a ton of questions (which I dig) and he always wants to take or be in pictures. When I let him shoot a few flicks for the first time it surpised me that he tried to take pictures like I did. I could tell he had watched me. It was cool to see him drop to a knee and point at a chrome piece of the car and then turn at me and say, "Tight!"

He's such a little character. A couple of Christmases ago I wanted to buy him a digitial camera, but I decided against it, cause I was sure that either his little brother would get to it or no one at home would help him load the pics or print them for him. So instead I got him a couple throw-away film cameras and told him to shoot whatever he wanted.

Today I found a cd that had a few of the pictures he took.

This is your photographer... Diego must have handed the camera to someone to snap a flick of him

Told you he is a character.

That's Moi... I was sad when they cut his little curls off.

He pointed the camara at me

He's artsier than me.

He took a shot of the bike my brother got him for Christmas.

Self Portriat.

It was cool to see these images after forgetting about them for a couple years. Just like he does, his images brightened my day.

I think I'll buy him a digital camera this year.. he's ready for it.


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