Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Stealing Your Soul

Believe that a photograph can steal a soul?

Here are some of soul stealing photographs...

My brother was shooting this really nice Chevy in Ventura, Ca with our digital camera so I brought out the old film camera and snapped a few shots.. you gotta love 'real' black & white.

Took a couple shots of my buddy Beto as he welded on the 'Corvette Truck'

This is an outtake from a family portrait I was shooting. Ruby walked right in front of the camera as I snapped.. Don't know why but I dig the feel of this shot, just wished I would've cropped it better.

Double exposure? Nope.. Shot into a side window of a 57 Chevy wagon and saw that in the reflection was the police.

Another photo from the shoot my brother and I did for Confused Clothing.

Took this shot in East Salinas... cheap China wheels that make people feel like ballers.

Mi sobrino, "Man"... watch out he bites too!

Lust or love?

A shot from my second shoot with Ms. D.Castro

Love the paint job & engraving.

A shot from my shoot with Killa V.

Stevie Aldape's 64 Impala... I've been trying to shoot this car for a while, finally got my chance.


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Al Rato..

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