Friday, August 14, 2009

Van Nuys on a Wednesday Afternoon

Since the Van Nuys Cruising Association brought back cruising to Van Nuys Blvd a couple months ago I've been wanting to go. Since it takes place on Wednesdays it was a little difficult for me to take a couple days off to drive down there just to enjoy the cruising for a couple of hours, but we finally did it!

We took off from Salinas to Ventura to pick up Beto & his son to go check out the cruising this Wednesday, and it was well worth the 5 hour drive!

Beto drove us from Ventura to Van Nuys

The exit in busy LA traffic

After checking out some cars at Rydell & Ralphs we were hungry and ate at this restaurant... nice name.

Lil Beto enjoyed his teething cookie while we grubbed some burgers

Palm trees galore on the boulevard.

Our smallest supporter!

Some of the cruising (you'll see more pics on Deadend)

We stayed out on the boulevard until about 11pm then headed back to Ventura to spend the night. Then we headed back home to Salinas. I got home tried to nap for a little (snuck in about 20 minutes of Z's) before going to Baja Cantina & downtown Monterey to check out what The Concours had brought into town.

I've always liked this tunnel


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