Thursday, November 4, 2010

Didn't Expose Salinas

Here are a few of my shots that will not make it into the "Salinas Exposed" photo exhibit which opens tomorrow night at Somos Gallery here in Salinas..

I've been wanting to capture Salinas at night for a long time, now I finally had a reason. I wanted to take this shot at another overpass, I practiced here and go to the overpass I really wanted but for some reason I never made it there... I will though.

I had this shot in my head for a while, I wanted to take a shot of traffic on the 101, I had a different view in my head, I like the way it came out, but not exactly what I wanted.. maybe I'll try it again.

I went to take a fes snaps in Oldtown Salinas, but after I figured a lot of people would so I decided against using shots of Oldtown... I still like this shot of Gabilan St. though..

Hope to see ya'll tomorrow night!

1 comment:

Jose said...

Love the Gabilan St shot.