Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Salinas Exposed

Here are the shots I did use for the "Salinas Exposed" photo exhibit.

Thanks to everyone who came out to the opening reception!

"Rancho Salinas"
This shot was taken kind of by accident. I went to this overpass to get a shot of the freeway, shot it and wasn't too happy with it so I ran across the street and looked onto the "trailitas" and had to capture them.

"Holier Than Thou"
I knew I wanted to capture some kind of older brick building.. So I was driving around South Salinas and almost shot the Salinas High tower but thought it would be too obvious.. So as I went to go shoot the letters of the Salinas Valley Bowl I drove to this Church and walked up to it..

"Cruise Night"
This is an old shot of our very first Cruise Night at Bay Photo Lab.. I knew I had to use it.. It says a lot about me and Salinas too..

"The Good Die Young"
I was driving home and remembered seeing some flowers and candles lit for the young 14 year old boy who was shot in broad day light.. Speeaks volumes about Salinas.

Taco trucks have played a huge feeding role in my life.. had to capture one..

If you couldn't make it to the opening reception try to stop by Somos this month.. Lots of dope photography!

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