Monday, November 1, 2010

Hallow's Eve 2010

Well my weekend started off with a good hearty meal (and chavela) at Mi Tierra in Salinas, Ca followed by a few hours of shooting some of Rod Powell's artwork. Here's a sneak preview...
More on this little guy and other Rod Powell creations later..

Saturday night I started out shooting at Melissa's Halloween Party (and dressed up as Russell from the movie Up) and had a great time!

There was plenty of drinks for the thirsty!

A celebrity arrived and people went crazy!

It was Jack, and he brought gifts...

The Ewoks arrived in style..

Lots of Sake Bombs!

It was good to have friends that I knew show up..

Snooki and the rest of the party people dancing.

After Melissa's party I headed to Celeste's party to catch my familia dancing to the beats of Dj Sho-T.

My Partner In Crime for the night Hobo Freddie.

Steph thinks she can sing, she can't!

In the mix!

Great weekend...

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