Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Japan Trip - Nagoya

I have been wanting to take a trip to Japan for a few years now. This year it finally happened! The fellas at Local Hero Japan picked me up from the airport in Nagoya and took me to a few shops before we headed to Yokohama for the 20th Annual Mooneyes Hot rod & Custom Show..
Our first stop was Nico's shop..
The next morning Nico's wife made us a very delicious Japanese breakfast.
There are a lot of cool tunnels in Nagoya, and the roads are smooth (good for scrapin)
One of the shops we visited in Nagoya was Paradise Road, I had the pleasure of shooting Junichi's "Galaxian." As soon as we were done shooting Junichi took us to eat some very good (and cheap) sushi
They kept having me try different stuff. I think I liked every single thing I tried.
Junichi's 63 Impala is not your average Japanese daily driver...
We ended our stay in Nagoya by driving down with Nico in his 39 Master Deluxe to Yokohama... More photos soon... -Juan

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Bushwacker said...

wow, You really have a great vacation in Japan! The culture of japan was really nice. I love your front seat, it's very comfortable.

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