Friday, January 15, 2010

POTD - 2010

So i told myself I would take at least one photo a day in 2010...

Well I haven't really kept up, Of the first 15 days of the year I think I've taken a photo at least 7 days (and multiple photos in some days)

Here are some of my favorites..

January 4th... The new hood.

January 10th... Young talented skater at a bbq in front of Isaac's chopped Chevy

January 10th... Oscar Padilla's custom shoebox...

This photo was taken after Christmas... But I liked it.. Diego jumped in front of my camera... The little guy went back home for school. On the way home I let him be dj and play music from my ipod... He picked nothing but Beastie Boys & Red Hot Chili Peppers... The kid's got good taste!

I promise to take more photos and post em here..


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cameratakesphotos said...

love the skateboard shot!