Monday, May 17, 2010

Fishy Weekend

My brother purchased a fisheye lens for our camera years ago... We hardly ever use it.

This weekend I decided I would use it all weekend.. Just because.

What I'm working with..

On Saturday we went to meet up with Lil Watcha to hit up 2 low rider picnics in San Jose.

Lil Watcha's 64 looks good on the Starwires.

After hitting the 2 shows in San Jose we headed to Frisco to distribute more Visual Mechanics and Deadend Cruise Night flyers...

While in Frisco we had to check out the Mac Dre wall finally... RIP Andre Hicks

Everywhere I go I see Dj Sho-T stickers... odd.

On Sunday I headed to the Artichoke Festival with a few friends to pass out more flyers.

The Haters!

Ran into Chino there and he told me, "Don't put me on your blog ass!" So I did.


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