Monday, May 24, 2010

Small Towns

Seems like we spent the weekend at a bunch of small towns..

On Thursday night my brother and I went to a small cruise night in Aromas. Aromas is a small town just a few miles north of Salinas. I have passed by it thousands of times but had never been into Aromas. There were some nice cars there.

and a nice little BSA.

Joe Hickenbottom brought out his latest car. Deacon gets down with the hand lettering.

A nice 348

On Saturday we went to another small town.. Dos Palos. It was the 2nd Annual Eagle Field Drags that brought us here. What a great event!

Some of the good stuff that was there.

That Jeep moved fast! It was cool to see some 4x4's on the track

On Sunday we went to Watsonville for a small High School show. A good amount of nice low riders...


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cameratakesphotos said...

love that BSA!!! I need to find myself one of those!