Monday, May 10, 2010

No Weak Week

Rarely do I ever go a week without doing something fun or exciting.

Last week was no exception!

On Wednesday Night I was working on a few designs when my buddy Dj Sho-T and my brother called me to go meet them at Bankers Casino where some Bandas and Dj Sho-t would be playing in celebration of Cinco De Mayo.

The first banda to perform was pretty weak, the second banda got down.. They kept the people dancing and shouting for "Otra!" when they were done.

The cerveza & tequila was flowing that night!

On Thursday night it was all work for me! Finally I am almost caught up with designs...

Friday brought another exciting night. My brother and I headed to Oakland. Our first stop was a meat loaf dinner at Mike Lavella's. It marked my first time ever having meat loaf. Greta did an awesome job. Meatloaf was good!

After dinner we headed to the Royal Jokers Cruise Night in downtown Oakland. Good to see the usual suspects and my long lost pals Gordini & Helen.

Woke up early Saturday to head to Brizio's open house in South San Francisco with Mark, Robert and Baby Robert.

One of my favorite cars in Brizio's shop. these dudes can build some nice cars.

I think I was getting a little too close for comfort. First he tried to kick me.

Then punch me.

After Brizio's we decided to go cruise Haight for a little bit. I finally bought Z-Trip's Shifting Gears album and a couple other good cd's at Ameoba Records.

Some neat graffiti in the alley next to Ameoba.

The stairway to heaven looks nothing like this I'm guessing.

There was a few little neat scoots just sitting there. I wanted to take this one.

Speaking of Dj Sho-T. How'd those get there.

Dj Sho-T on Haight!

Casper is a big fan.

A lot of hoopla is being made about Banksy being in San Francisco. Einstein does look fresh in those Nikes.

The line has been drawn.


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